It's a journey back to nature in the Great American West that our heroine Addie is going to undertake. To escape the noise and commotion of the city and discover a world previously unknown to her, she will be going on a horse ride through spectacular scenery varying between rocky mountains, mysterious forests and arid, desert expanses.

Throughout this voyage and the encounters she'll experience over its course, she will be throwing herself completely into the adventure to fully enjoy the sense of freedom on the move it offers.

The time of the big departure has arrived. With her travel bag on her shoulder, Addie begins the journey that will make her conscious and aware of the world around her.

Alone on the road, she marvels at the vast expanses of the Great American West, stretching as far as the eye can see.

On the road again


On the road again

After the noise and chaos of the road journey, Addie finally stops to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Yellowstone and commune fully with this so wild and so beautiful nature.

On rediscovering the power of silence, the magic of light and the soothing movement of the river, Addie blossoms and opens out… and lives.

Like a call to new encounters, Addie discovers the life of cowboys during a visit to a classic style ranch.

Responding to the warm welcome she receives, she immerses herself in their daily lives amidst the spectacular mountains by learning the basics of wild living.

This last face to face with nature really brings home the true extent of its vastness to Abby.

She sets off for a final horse ride amidst the majestic fir-covered mountains, where wildlife reigns supreme.