Some figures



of all clothing
is recycled

By 2030,
worldwide consumption
of clothes
will increase by



of used clothing
goes to landfill
or is incinerated.

The textile industry
is the


most polluting industry
in the world

How does it work?


1. Sort

Sort your wardrobe and choose the clothes you want to recycle.

Drop off

2. Drop off

Go to your Maison 123 store and put the items in the collection bin (be aware that clothing must be dry).


4. Participate

Repeat the experience as many times as you like and do good for the planet :)

Find out more

3. Find out more

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask our sales team, who will be happy to help you.

And after? A second life for your clothing


What products can be recycled at Maison 123?

All types of clothing except lingerie and shoes.

Must the clothes have been bought at Maison 123?

No, you can recycle clothing from any brand.

What if my item is marked or damaged?

You can bring clothing in any condition, as long as it is clean. Depending on the condition, the clothing will be reused or repaired before use, or recycled to create new products (insulation material for the automobile industry, cleaning cloths, protection felt or new clothes), or eliminated and the resulting energy collected. Be aware that clothes must not be wet, to ensure that they do not get mouldy and damage the other clothes collected. This would encourage the development of bacteria and make reuse for recycling impossible.

Which Maison 123 stores are participating?

All our Maison 123 stores (except corner stores and department stores) are equipped with a collection bin. Find your closest store here.