colorimetric guide

The harmony of the seasons

Knowing your colour

Skin tones are divided into warm and cool colours. This classification is broken down into four seasons. The veins on your forearm give you an idea of your skin tone: if they look blue, you have a cool skin tone; if they look green, you have a warm skin tone. What's more, if gold tones make you stand out, you're probably a warm skin tone, whereas if silver tones are more flattering to you, you're a cool skin tone.

Now make your palette your own and reveal your potential!


You have light eyes, your hair is chestnut with highlights. Your complexion is fair with ivory, peach, or golden undertones. You tan easily.

Opt for soft and warm colors.

Your ideal palette: cream, olive, coral, caramel, turquoise, lavender, and ivory.


You have light eyes, light brown or blonde hair, and a very fair complexion. You tan easily and your hair lightens in the sun.

Opt for cold and bright colors.

Your ideal palette: violet, pale yellow, powder pink, sky blue, and gray.


You have brown, hazel, or green eyes, and brown, red, or auburn hair. Your complexion is dark with golden undertones.

Embrace natural colors in warm tones.

Your ideal palette: bronze, gold, ochre, hazel, khaki, rust, bronze, orange, teal, camel, and deep brown.


You have black, hazel green, or blue-gray eyes. Your hair is very dark or very light. You have an even and fair complexion.

Opt for intense and cold colors.

Your ideal palette: navy blue, emerald green, red, burgundy, violet, purple, and black and white in combination.