Founded in 1983, Maison 123 is committed every day to offering meaningful fashion, which is mindful of quality and durability, at a fair and reasonable price, for the women of today. 

An ethical and ecological ambition to ensure that respect for the planet extends as far as our wardrobes. A name that represents a renewed promise of authenticity, well-being and trust.


Behind the scenes in Maison 123, the design and pattern-making teams work passionately to develop collections that always seek to be more contemporary with a genuine fashion bias, while having the brand's timeless spirit at heart.




Beautiful finishes, premium, high-quality materials, a stylish fit and an eye for detail inspire the Maison 123 teams each day.

Each piece in the Collection is the result of a creative process via the careful selection of fabrics and the validation of a rigorous quality control process. These high standards have been one of the pillars of the Maison 123 brand's success for more than 30 years.