Lookbook Winter 2020

Climb on board for a trip
on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Our new chapter takes in a route famous among travellers:
the Trans-Siberian Railway. On the longest train line in the world, we will cross Asia and Europe, allowing you to experience breathtaking landscapes and exciting ancestral traditions.

Gobi Desert

A firm favourite with avid adventurers who love the freedom of open spaces, our first stop will be the Gobi Desert. Experience stunning landscapes such as Bayanzag, Mongolia, with its flaming rock faces that appear to be on fire in the sunlight. Continue your exploration of Asia's largest desert and you'll come across the Cresant Lake, a crescent-shaped oasis in the heart of the desert in the Chinese province of Gansu. Finish with a breathtaking swim at 2000 m altitude in Mongolia's Terkhiin Tsagaan lake.