Our WeCare collection focusses on the use of eco-friendly materials and innovative processes, the promotion of local production and more. Today, our WeCare collection represents 22% of our offer. We are committed to increasing this to 80% by 2025.

All of our We Care products are certified by independent labels such as GOTS, GRS, RWS, labels that guarantee full traceability from the raw material to the finished product, and this transparency is important to us.

Our Purchasing and Style teams attend eco-design training workshops, – a sign of good things to come.

At a time when the world of ready-to-wear is changing, and with a desire to be increasingly responsible, we are seeking to use materials in our collections that diminish their impact on the environment


Our collection
WeCare means at least
of the fibres used are
more responsible
or from a technology that
reduces its environmental
In 2021,
of our products
were eco-friendly
Our aim is that
by 2025,
of our products will
be more responsible


Choising more eco-friendly materials is a critical step in creating fashion that is more responsible. An overview of some of our materials

We are proud to say that 37% of our cotton garments are now made from organic or recycled cotton. Using organic cotton involves, among other things, eschewing GMOs and consuming less water for irrigation than is used in conventional cotton growing.

We use 12% recycled polyester and polyamide which requires less consumption of energy and reduces the need for oil.

At Maison 123, 75% of our linen is certified by independent trust labels such as European Flax®, which means the fibres and the manufacturing process are traceable and free from GMOs, pesticides and fertilisers.

For our WeCare knitwear, we are committed to using 55% recycled wool and cashmere.

And we use many other eco-friendlier fabrics too, such as Lyocell, certified cellulose fibres, etc.